Autoimmune paleo recipes

This is a closed Facebook group consisting of 42 thousand members. Members share cooking experiences and recipes whilst following the AIP. Particulary helps in the beginning especially if your forte is making cheese on toast like mine was 😃


Finally sleeping! 

Being bed bound at 23 due to CFS/M.E, I never thought I would hear myself say I can’t sleep! But for the last four months, due to the Autoimmune Protocol diet, I have gone completely the other way and cannot sleep at all. Some nights I would lie awake in pain all night and on a good night I’d wake at least 6 -7 times. I am grateful the CFS has gone, I will be eternally grateful, but being unable to sleep properly whilst holding down a job has also been difficult. If I could choose one or the other though, I would choose the sleeplessness and inability to sleep over not having the energy to walk down the stairs or stand up for more than five minutes. Legs like lead. M.E CFS sufferers you know the kind of exhaustion I’m talking about! What the AIP has proven however, well it has in me at least, is that CFS can be resolved through nutrition. Anyway, for the last week, I’ve slept properly for the first time in years – so thank you Zopiclone. After a week of being on them and feeling slightly more rested, from now on I am only going to take them when I desperately need them and have work the following day and can’t fall to sleep naturally.

One for my Endometriosis followers

I went to hospital last Wednesday and they have induced a medical menopause. I have been given add back HRT (Livial) to stop menopausal symptoms. Hopefully I will see a reduction in pain. The treatment runs out in May and a decision regarding pain levels and moving forward, maybe more surgery, will be made then. This is the fourth three month ovarian shut down I have had. The last one was eight years ago but I also had the coil in situ. So, this is the first time my ovaries have been shut down without the progesterone from the Mirena coil in my system. Let’s see what this brings. The consultant asked me if I had thought about completing my family to consider a hysterectomy. I stared back thinking I hadn’t even begun. Fingers crossed for any welcome improvement in pain. Down on my knees praying.

Staring at 2018 with hope and confidence 

20171224_132806-1.pngTo all those fighting chronic pain. It’s hard. It’s brutal. I’ve been struggling lately. I have introduced various foods back into my diet and bang .. full of inflammation again. Pain all over. The pure physical pain is unbearable. Beyond comprehension. But. Let’s stand together and move into 2018 with hope and confidence that things will improve. Maybe it’s the year a cure is developed for Myalgic encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis (non autoimmune but which I suffer from) and all other autoimmume diseases and associated symptoms. You never know. Hope and faith is something that cannot be taken away. Focus, hope, determination, will. So I won’t say have a Happy Christmas, I’ll say Have a Christmas, whatever that may look like. Make it through the day in whichever way you possibly can. Let’s pray for guidance on our journey and for the pain relief that we have available to us when times are desperate.


Inflammation through the roof. Pure physical pain all over. Had to resort to taking Tramadol on Wednesday after 181 days off all medication. Floored. Bitter pill to swallow after all the diet change and money spent. But, I am here on this earth and have no choice but to choose to fight. Stand up and fight. I prayed today like I never have before. I prayed for relief. I prayed for improvement and I prayed for all those who are exsisting in a state of chronic pain.

Parasite cleanse aborted

I aborted the parasite cleanse managing only ten days. The reasons were the following:

1. I felt bloody horrific like the old days. Exhausted and in pain all over. Headpain and eye pressure back with vengence. I believe this was due to the parasites dying off and as they do this they release toxins into your body. The pain, exhaustion and sickness are a sign of healing.

2. The dinners I batch cooked were ruined as I put too much turmeric in them so I wasn’t prepared with go to food when feeling poorly.

3. No fruits. I rely on fruit being on the Autoimmune diet. It is my salvation. No fruit = miserable Kelly.

4. Working full-time in a demanding job, it was near impossible for me to do.

So I failed. Actually no – I will look at it as failing to execute 😃 Maybe I will try in the future. I did kill some parasites, especially on day 3 😐😐

Results of food testing

Results told me nothing. Possibly because I have been following the AIP diet for a while and no antibodies could be detected for common trigger foods. The only food on the list that I consume is salmon and I think the raised levels of antibody values for this food may have been present because I had been eating a lot of it! Either way, £400 wasted.